Monday, June 9, 2014

My greatest joy

9 months have already passed since I gave birth to my wonderful daughter but the joy I feel doubles every time I see her. The love from me to her is so great that no one could take us apart. There is a string that unites us even though I always go out for work. I miss her everyday and I would always be in a hurry to go home and be with her. Aisha, you are my constant delight and I love you so much.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

About to end my 5th month.

Yes! I'm halfway there.

Time flew so fast. It seems so yesterday when I had my pregnancy test and my first ultrasound and my baby was just a tiny little thing in my womb. Now that I'm about to end my 5th month, I'm halfway there, my tummy is much bigger now, and my baby is now always kicking and moving.

And guess what? I had my 2nd ultrasound just about 2 weeks ago and found out that I'm having a baby GIRL!!! The doctor said it is 100% female.

Now, I'm more than excited! And her papa is also excited to the point that he has given her a name already. I'll talk about the name on the next blogpost. Hehehehe. Talking about dads having their first child. I'm afraid this baby would become a daddy's girl in the future. Hehehe.

One of the many joys I experience this month is when my baby kicks and moves. I can feel that my baby is so alive!!!! Super duper!! My doctor said that I should monitor the baby's movements and make sure that I could feel at least 10 kicks a day. But so far, my baby does more than 20 in a day, I think. I don't know if that's good but I'm actually enjoying it.

And my baby can respond now. Whenever I talk to her and every time I pat my tummy, I could feel movements inside my tummy right away. That makes our bonding moments. Playtime with mommy! :)

I also love to listen to Mozart now and my baby loves it too. I'm sure of that. My current fave is the Piano Sonata in C Major K. 330 Allegro Moderato. For soon to be mommies out there, listening to classical music is highly recommended.

Here's me and my baby in my tummy! :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Thank you 2012. Hello 2013!


Today is the 1st day of 2013 but before I'll proceed and begin a new year, there are so many things I'm thankful for in 2012 which I would like everyone to know. So, I'm coming up a list of Thank You's to all the experiences, whether good or bad, in 2012.

1. Becoming a member, and later on Vice President for Community, of JCI-Kagayhaan Gold.
2. Media coverage of different events with the CDOBloggers, Inc.
3. Finishing my first online course at the University of Pennsylvania.
4. Finishing my 5-month TESDA courses on Massage Therapy and Commercial Cooking.
5. Fulfilled my dream of going to Zamboanga (with JCI) and Camiguin (with CDOBloggers).
6. My "Christmas on Broadway:Aladdin" performance.
7. Countless gifts and perks received.
8. Grade 1-Michael's 2nd Place in the Dance contest. I was their choreographer. hehehe. :)
9. Financed the 4-bedrooms for rent at home. Now, they're all occupied.
10. My oven toaster, a gift from love.
11. Zamboanga, Camiguin, Bukidnon, Laguna, Tagaytay and Manila trips!
12. Sandi's homecoming.
13. Manilyn's wedding.
14. Speaker opportunities.
15. Meeting Aisaku, Yumi, and the Aquarela.
16. Sittilympics 2012.
17. Conquering Dropzone at Dahilayan Adventure Park. 
18. Partying with LMFAO.
19. SHOP HEAVEN. My online shop is becoming successful.
20. My online job at odesk where I was able to earn a few dollars.
21. Help from my friends, online and offline for mom's operation and medicines.
22. My work as a teacher.
24. Love's homecoming.
27.  ... and more things I forgot for which I'm still thankful for.

For 2013, I have lots of things that I wanna do.

1. Successful delivery of my first child.
2. Going back to graduate school with no complications.
3. Buying my own DSLR camera.
4. Opening my shop/cafe.
5. Open a spa.
6. SHOP HEAVEN to be realized offline.
7. More trips.
8.Finishing the house at Cambridge, from ceiling to floor.
9. More event coverages.
10. ...and more things to come as I go along.

Hey! I'm excited for you 2013! Watch out!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I'm so happy that I married a man who has a huge concern on me, my health, and my baby. He may seem rude sometimes but he always has a point in everything he says. At the end of the day, I would realize that he is only concern about my welfare. Isn't it the sweetest thing?

Well, I've proven that once again yesterday.

I was scheduled to have an all-expense-paid trip with my co-workers for 3 days and I was actually excited with the trip. All has been set already but I did not inform my hubby yet because I know he would be against it considering my recent condition and all.

So when I finally got the courage to inform him, I was actually expecting a NO as an answer. I was right. First and foremost, the weather has not been that good in the past few days. Typhoon is still in the country's area of responsibility and many flights were cancelled especially to the place where we are supposed to go. That's one point.

One important thing also is that I'm not in a good condition. I have a very "sensitive" pregnancy. My doctor said if I'm not so careful, I have the tendency to have a miscarriage. And this I shared to my husband. The important reason why he convinced me not to go.

So yeah, I'm here at home while my co-workers are there enjoying the trip. But I'm not really sad about it because if I have to think of it, I should prioritize my family first, especially the one that's inside my womb. 

So baby, mama is here for you. I'm home. 

Thanks to daddy. :)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Is this it?

After my wedding last December 1, many people were asking if I am going to have a baby soon. Especially when I came home after my short trip in Manila with my hubby, it seems that people are excited to hear if I'll be having a child in my womb right away. Every day, people, especially my co-workers, bombarded me with questions about my wedding and my marriage life. Not exempting the topic on pregnancy.

So to answer their question once and for all, I finally had the courage and will to take a pregnancy test. I took a test yesterday (December 9) but I was not really convinced of the result because there appeared two lines but the second line was too hazy. 
(FYI: 2 lines in a pregnancy test means positive.)
 I showed the results to my "married" co-workers and all of them affirmed that I'm pregnant but since I was not convinced, they suggested that I should take another test. I bought another kit in the afternoon.

Early this morning, I tested again... and there it goes...

with two tests in a row...


(This was the first test I took yesterday)


(The result of this morning's test.)


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Eric + Roxanne

Yesterday marked a new chapter of my life. December 1, 2012 would be one of the unforgettable days of my life. As we celebrated our 17th month of being together, we also held our holy wedding ceremony.

With less than a month of preparation (yes, we did it in 3 weeks), we would like to thank the PEOPLE who have helped us to make the wedding a joyous and successful one.
  • Fr. Rolando A. Gabutera, SSJV, our officiating priest. We will never forget what you taught us especially about transparency in the family. Everybody enjoyed your homily, for sure.
  • Ian (whom we forgot the family name), the assistant at the church for assisting us fulfill with the church requirements.
  • Our Mass servers at the church.
  • Our commentator: Gailjenn Constantino, you had an angelic voice yesterday. What happened? hehe.
  • Our readers: Ma Concepcion Llamis, Raquel Jean Roa
  • Our psalmist: Ronald Quileste, thank you for singing the responsorial psalm even if it was given to you at the last minute.
  • Our pianist: Rolly Gulay, for the wonderful music.
  • Jeza Correos, for convincing Rolly to accept the task.
  • The members of the choir: Amabelle Blanco, Karen Samante, Agnes Tacastacas, Nico Calunia, Ronald Quileste, thank you for singing the songs.
  • Our usherette: Katrien Llamis, you did it well even if it was your first time.
  • Jeanne Mae Olayon for helping Katrien at the church.
  • Offerers: Pamela Arda, Janet Adis, Jenny Lou and Jake Labial, Bang Agbon, Jacques Agbon, Venus Mabale, thank you!
  • The Knights of Columbus for the salute during the wedding processional and the reception program. 
  • Lola Elsa Velez and Ate Velma Vargas, for welcoming us to their home, our venue of the prenuptial photoshoot.
  • Kathleen Eduave, for helping me out with the balloons.
  • Ma Concepcion Llamis, for sponsoring the tarpaulin
  • Apple Escara, for providing me a copy of the missalette.
  • Thrina Dimaano and Wella Flores, for singing the songs of our reception gala.
  • Ate Effee Gaviola, for helping us with the marriage license.
  • Ate Janet Adis, for helping us with the pre-marriage seminars.
  • Capt. Jaime Frias, for the extra vehicle.
  • The gift-givers: Valmoria Family, Hambre Family, Kiunisala Family, Junior Chamber International-Kagayhaan Gold chapter,Sylvette and Angel Bagaipo, Pixie and Tating, Ma Concepcion Llamis, Fe Cabunoc, Elsa Velez
  • For those who have shared monetary blessings during the gala, Capt. Jaime Frias, Liz Abing, Apil Escara, Grace Seccion, Karen Samante, Netsfel Aquino, Fivykenz Hambre, Editha Tagaro, Teodoro Tagaro. (For those we forgot, we're sorry but we wish to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.)
  • Last but not the the least, Ate LITA VIOJAN, who have helped us coordinate the wedding. Thank you for the help you've extended since the very beginning.
Our wedding suppliers, etc.:
  •  Preparation Venue: Grand City Hotel
  • Wedding Rite: St. John Marie Vianney Sub-Parish Church
  • Reception Venue: Harbor Lights Hotel
  • Balloon Arrangement: Zacky Balloons
  • Photography: Life Prints Photography (Jett Torres, and co.)
  • Video: Joe Art Video Coverage
  • Prenuptial Shoot: Pearl Therese Aton, and co.
  • Bridal Entourage Outfits: La Mode Fashion
  • Hair and Make-up: Randy Lauria, and co.
  • Entourage bouquets and corsage, Bridal car decoration: Cynthia's Flowershop
  • Reception Host: Easy Rock FM
  • Wedding rings and accessories: Filigrenasia
Our bridal Entourage:
  •  Mrs. Editha Fuentes Tagaro
  • Mrs. Grace Seccion
  • Ms. Apple Escara
  • Mrs. Elsa Velez
  • Mrs. Liz Abing
  • Engr. Teodoro Tagaro
  • Capt. Jaime Frias II
  • Mr. Eddie Salcedo
  • PO3 Sunday Go
  • Kathleen Quette Eduave
  • 1LT. Allain Fuentes
  • Jenny Pia Fuentes
  • Jeanne Mae Olayon
  • Ivy Leigh Saldua
  • Darwin Dave Fuentes
  • Gift Fuentes
  • Bryan Samm Fuentes
  • Netsfel Aquino
  • Rowena Baya
  • Engr. Collen Tarcelo
  • Norady Tarcelo
  • Fivykenz Hambre
  • Loura Hambre
  • Emmanuel Aquino
  • Kristoff Quinquino
  • Kurt Wayne Labial
  • Eiannah Faith Redondo
  • Lara Hambre
  • Grace Ken Fuentes
  • Demriel Bliss Dividina
To all whom we forgot to list here, I'm sorry but please do know that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

To all are well-wishers, friends, relatives who have supported us, thank you!

For those whom we weren't able to invite and for those who were not able to come during the wedding, we will make it up, for sure! Thank you for understanding.

To our parents and families, for the unconditional love and support. Our gratitude and love goes back to you. We love you so much!

Eric and Roxanne

 Today marks the start of a wonderful journey to forever and this blog will be a witness to it. :) Thank you for taking the time to read.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 8: Pre-marriage Counseling

Finally got our Pre-marriage counseling certificate from the City Social Welfare and Development Office. According to the Family Code of the Philippines, we need to get this certificate prior to having the Marriage Counseling at the City Health Office for the reason that I'm still 23 years old.

The pre-marriage counseling is a one-day counseling and the cost depends on the area. Our costs P200.00

We're already counting the days to our wedding!!!